Self Defence Hand Baton

Today security & safety is a top priority because it is not only about securing our homes and belongings, but also about the sefety and security of our family.

Power Plus India ent., an Electronic Security Homes provides you the best security solution for your home and business under the brand name of “Power Guaard”. When you install a “Power Guaard” security system,you are entering in a complete security zone supported by a network of carefully trained professionals.

We are offering wide range of products for Home, Offices, Shops, Banks, Godowns, Cars, Bikes and for Self Defense also.

‘Shocky Plus’ is a specially designed personal security device for protection against physical attacks in riots, robbery, eve teasing etc. it can be used by Security guards, Policeman or any individual to split mob in riots, robbery in home or highway etc. Just press the button and it creates high power shock. So nobody can dare to harass you even you are all alone. And that’s way you can really “Trust It”.
  • Attractive look at affordable price
  • Easy grip shockproof handle with wrist strap
  • Light weight, easy to handle
  • One Year Guarantee
  • Dimensions (cms) :30.6(L) X 10.3 (W) X 4.8 (H)
  • Zinc platted plungers of 5 cms length
  • Printed circuit board Glass Epoxy with Green masking Conductive thickness of tracks 35 Microns
  • Weight : 1.5 kgs with packing
  • Chee siren with 110 dB Audio output
  • ‘AAZ’ Locks
  • Components :
    A)Resistors-Superton (B) Capacitors – Keltron (C) I.C. Philips (D) Transistors-Philips
  • 3 pieces of 9V Dry battery
  • Fitted with Brass Screw
  • Installed with Chrome Platted washers and Nut Bolts